Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage: Comfort for expecting mothers

Prenatal massage has several potential benefits: to help make comfortable room for the baby’s development, help stretch out muscles all over the body, alleviate muscular tension and discomfort, and to provide an overall sense of wellbeing for the expecting mother.

These massages help alleviate pain but can be educational or informational on lifestyle improvement during each trimester. Some women choose to have their significant others present during the massage: I leave that up to each individual. Expecting mothers often say that prenatal massages help them sleep better and maintain a higher quality of life during their pregnancy.


Positioning is key to the massage. The woman is usually placed on her side in a position that is open and comfortable. The strokes used in the massage vary but are similar to that of Swedish massage.

About Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage was developed for the sole purpose of improving the wellbeing of expecting mothers, thereby supporting the overall health of the growing baby. Prenatal massage predates written history — women have known of its benefits for millennia. It can be a comfortable and pleasant experience and carries little risk, although a healthcare professional’s opinion may be sought in advance if a woman has experienced complications during the pregnancy.

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